In this information age, digital marketing has become critical for not only growing your business but for its survival too.

As Covid-19 has shown, such is the case for the people too.

As such, you need to enhance your skills if you want a chance to stand out in this competitive industry.

Now learning the various components of digital marketing might not be easy on your pocket, or you might not find the time to do so.

Worry not! I found just the right thing.

This blog is a review of the Digital Deepak mastery courses bundle.

These courses are a collection of all digital marketing courses by Digital Deepak, which help you learn the various digital marketing skills that’ll make you an expert in your field.

Let’s see what makes these courses some of the most economical and the best digital marketing courses available online.

Who is Digital Deepak?

Deepak Kanakaraju, better known as Digital Deepak, is the founder and CEO of Learn Today.

Deepak has honed his skills while working with some incredible start-ups like Razorpay and Instamojo and some of the best-known international brands like Benz.

He has been in the digital marketing industry for a long time now. However, he is best known for his exquisite digital marketing internship program with over 7500 interns. 

But his fairy-tale journey started with making digital marketing courses for his students. 

What do you get in the Digital Deepak mastery courses bundle?

Following are the courses included in Digital Deepak’s digital marketing mastery bundle:

Digital Deepak mastery courses
  • Course 1: SEO Mastery [Worth ₹1999]
    Learn all about SEO in this mastery course by Digital Deepak, where he covers On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, among other things. 
  • Course 2: Google Ads Mastery [Worth ₹1999]
    This course introduces you to the basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) on the biggest search engine available on the internet, Google.
  • Course 3: Facebook Ads Mastery [Worth ₹2999]
    This mastery course covers everything there is to know about running ads on Facebook, from setting up a pixel to creating an ad.
  • Course 4: Email Marketing Mastery [Worth ₹3999]
    This course discusses the application of Email Marketing on your website. 
  • Course 5: Social Media Mastery [Worth ₹2999]
    The course lays down the social media framework and talks about the ways of growing and analysing your social media presence.
  • Course 6: Analytics Mastery [Worth ₹1999]
    Learn how to use and identify the various elements of Google Analytics effectively.
  • Course 7: Affiliate Marketing Mastery [Worth ₹1999]
    It covers topics like setting up your niche website, and building content for the same, to be an effective affiliate marketer.
  • Course 8: Content Marketing Mastery [Worth ₹1999]
    Sanjay Shenoy does a great job explaining the various concepts of content marketing, covering the many aspects of content writing and its promotion.
  • Course 9: Zapier Mastery [Worth ₹1999]
    This is one of my favorite courses by Deepak. Zapier never felt this easy.
  • Course 10: 100 Day Blogging Course [Worth ₹4999]
    This course covers 100+ days of blogging process, with a new topic discussed every day. It is one of the most sold courses by Deepak.
  • Course 11: Product Launch Mastery [Worth ₹4999]
    This mastery course covers the nitty-gritty of creating information products.

Digital Deepak mastery course bundle bonus

But that’s not all. Let’s sweeten the pot further. You’ll also get the following courses along with the 11 courses mentioned above.

  • Hindi Blogging Course
  • Digital Marketing Tools Mastery
  • Lead Generation Mastery course by Digital Deepak (will be made available soon)
  • Access to All Future Pro Bundle Courses

You will also get a Bonus from RankMe1 for a Web Hosting Plan For 1 Year worth Rs 3,854 for absolutely FREE! 

Crazy, right?

Digital Deepak mastery bundle bonus

Cost of the Digital Deepak mastery courses

Education is beautiful when it is made available at a very affordable price.

The original bundle price for these courses is above Rs 30,000/- but as a special discount, the course bundle is available at an unbelievable 93% discount.

The final discounted price of Digital Deepak’s courses stands at Rs 3,997 (inclusive of GST). This bundle is no doubt a hidden gem on the internet, a goldmine.

Who is the Digital Deepak mastery course for?

As the name suggests, these mastery courses go in-depth for that topic. If you are looking to learn about the various components of digital marketing, this bundle does the job for you very well. For the price it is being offered, it is no less than a steal.

This digital marketing course bundle is one of the best in the market.

It is ideal for the following:

  • Content writers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Professionals who wish to switch careers
  • Business owners who want to get more business
  • Students who wish to learn one of the most in-demand skills
  • Digital Marketing enthusiasts

How is Digital Deepak mastery courses different from his Internship program?

The main difference between Digital Deepak’s Digital Marketing Mastery courses and his Internship Program is its depth.

The internship program discusses every digital marketing component, so it goes wide while discussing every element. But, on the other hand, as the name suggests, the mastery courses go deep for that particular topic.

In the internship, you have every component of digital marketing discussed for 2 hours, but the mastery course for the same topic is discussed for at least 6 hours or even more.

You can check out my extensive review of the Digital Deepak Internship Program. I have covered everything there is to know about the program.

If you’re a person who has attended Digital Deepak’s internship and found value in that, you can check out his mastery course bundle.

Please note that some of the courses inside the mastery courses bundle are outdated. And that’s why I would recommend the Internship program every time.

In case you wish to know more, you can always contact me. I was one of the top interns of Digital Deepak’s Internship Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Validity of the Courses?

You get Lifetime access and updates directly on Digital Deepak’s LMS ( From there, you can access these courses and any future courses.

Q2. Do we get certification for completion of Digital Deepak courses?

Digital Deepak Mastery course certificate

Yes. For every course you complete, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Just after you complete any course, the certificate becomes available on your LMS. Also, it is sent on your registered email ID, where you can download the PDF.

Your certificate will look something like this.

Q3. Is there any Money-back guarantee if you wish to return?

You are offered no refunds on your purchase. I believe the value you’ll be getting is enough to drive away any thoughts of refunds.

Q4. What happens after you purchase the course?

Digital Deepak mastery course LMS

After you complete the payment, you receive the confirmation on your registered email along with the receipt. Soon after, you will receive your login details for accessing the course.

The course access is available on the Teachable platform on

You can also find the contact details on the payment page. Please feel free to contact via Whatsapp or by email if you have any doubts before purchasing.

Q5. Is Digital Deepak’s courses worth it?

The value you get at the price you’re paying is absolutely crazy. If you’re a beginner and are looking for a one-stop solution, I don’t know many other better options.

Q6. Are the courses relevant in 2021?

The Digital Deepak mastery courses are a few years old now. However, even though these courses might be outdated, they are in no way irrelevant. I mean that the user interface of the tools (like Facebook, Google, among many others) has changed over the years. But the core is still the same, which makes it an incredible buy for that price.

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